Boot Camp North Burleigh

Who Else in the North Burleigh Wants To AMAZE THEIR LOVER,
FRIENDS AND SELF By Getting in The Best Shape, Ever?

Forget Boring Gyms, Fad Diets and Long Cardio Workouts…
…Australia’s Most Fun and Effective North Burleigh Boot Camp is Here!

Now: Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, Turn On Super-Metabolism
And Get Super-Fast Results …Guaranteed!

If you already have your perfect beach body then do not read on.

If however you’re off target with your health and fitness goals this could be the most important page you’ll ever read!

But before you continue reading I’d like to see if this  North Burleigh boot camp program is right for you…

Are you confident wearing your swimsuit at the local North Burleigh swimming pool?

Are you completely satisfied with your reflection in the mirror?

Do friends and family give you spontaneous compliments on how great you look?

Are you truly happy with your health and your body?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, the question is…

…WHAT are you going to do about it and and WHEN are you going to do it?

You only get one life, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, are you going to take action and make a positive change TODAY or keep putting off ‘living’ to another day?

The truth is getting in shape is simple, all you need is a fun motivating North Burleigh boot camp, a sensible nutrition plan you can follow that doesn’t leave you starving, combined with like minded people and bingo!

Is it easy… no.

You will have to attend boot camp in North Burleigh 3-4 times per week and maybe avoid some of your favourite foods for a while.

Is it simple… yes.

Just make the commitment to be consistent with your training and follow our nutrition plan.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life and Your Body For The Better?

But first please understand… If you’re the type of person that whines and complains about having bad genes or a slow metabolism…
….or if you’re looking for a quick fix or for something to alleviate your guilt then Bootcamp North Burleigh is not for you, it’s for action takers… ONLY.

I can’t do your push ups for you… you will need to ‘Show Up’ and ‘Follow’ the North Burleigh boot camp program.

However, if you’re ready and fully committed to getting the body of your dreams then I’ll get you there as quickly as possible.

Check Out What Some of my Other North Burleigh Clients have to Say About our fitness Boot Camp!

As you can see from the success stories, this North Burleigh training program works for real people… people just like you!


Here’s What You Get When You Register…

Access to ALL of our quick, highly effective fun 45 minute outdoor fitness North Burleigh bootcamp workouts which will turn your body into a fat burning machine.

The DF Nutrition Plan, this easy to follow nutrition plan will show you what to eat and how much to eat… this alone will shed the unwanted fat from your body.

Ask my team North Burleigh instructors or myself any health and fitness questions you have with unlimited online access to our trainers, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Workouts that you can do on the off days or when you can’t make a session… these short high intensity workouts will turbo-charge your metabolism.

If you were to train with myself or one of my Boot Camp North Burleigh personal trainers you would normally pay between . Even if you trained with an average North Burleigh personal trainer you would easily pay  (for average results).

But the great thing about North Burleigh group fitness is you’ll get even better results than personal training… for a fraction of the cost.

So your entire investment to take part in my North Burleigh boot camp program is as little as $197 per month for unlimited access to ALL times and locations.

That’s just $6.57 a day!

It’s cheaper than North Burleigh personal training, heaps more fun than the gym… and I can say without a doubt it’s the most effective fitness formula on the Gold Coast!

Are You Ready To…

√ Tone your hips, lose inches round your thighs and flatten your stomach?
√ Stop wasting time and money on weight loss pills, shakes and the latest gimmicky exercise equipment that don’t work.
√ Commit to training 3 x per week and stop making excuses for being out of shape.

Have a professional North Burleigh personal trainer coach you, so all you need to do is ‘Show Up’ and ‘Follow’ the program.

Lose weight, look great and feel amazing?
Then here’s what you need to do, just click the ‘Register Now’ button below to secure your spot.
To avoid disappointment you need to act quickly… there are only so many people we can train in our North Burleigh boot camps at anytime… and places fill fast!
And if you’re not happy with the results, just check out my 100% money back guarantee…
Right now you can do one of two things… you leave this page and do nothing… continue making excuses and putting off getting fit to some other day that will never come.
You register today for your $1 two week trial, lose your unwanted fat, tone your muscles and get your dream beach body.
There are 3 types of people in this world…
1.    People that make things happen.
2.    People that watch things happen.
3.    And people who wonder what happened.

Which one are you?

Your an intelligent person, I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Wishing you good health,

P.S. There are only so many people we can train at any onetime in our North Burleigh boot camp, so numbers are strictly limited… as of this writing we only have 3 spots left and they’ll fill up quickly so be sure to claim your spot today.

P.P.S. Don’t procrastinate and put off getting in shape to ‘another time’, do not let the next 12 months be the same as the last… just imagine where you would be today if you had started training 12 months ago.

P.P.P.S. Think about it… 30 days from now you’ll be one month older and possibly a few kilos healthier… or you can be 6 kilos lighter, tone your hips, flatten your stomach and feel amazing… it’s your decision!

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Now is the Time to Take Action

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Before I go, I will leave you with this, “Do you want to know who you are?
Don’t ask.

Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
See you soon!

P.S The SPECIAL PROMOTION is available for the FIRST 10 PEOPLE ONLY. It will not be available for the 11th person or onward, no exceptions. As of this second, you will get access to this blowout deal. Click the link below and take advantage before it’s too late. Outdoor fitness Cypress Gardens always sells out fast!

P.P.S And remember, your’e totally covered by unconditional 100% money back guarantee… so you have absolutely nothing to lose except those unwanted kilos.

Yes, I’m a Winner